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With the artifact in her hooves, Midnight Crystal is open for questions
safe1749921 artist:jeyjeymohr55 part of a set13468 twilight sparkle306055 pony1009996 unicorn342077 alternate timeline3039 alternate universe10503 cape10723 clothes475759 color change350 corrupted2780 corrupted twilight sparkle662 crown17939 crystal2710 crystal castle239 crystal empire2361 crystal war timeline1419 dark4630 dark equestria195 dark magic2760 dark queen214 dark twilight sparkle115 dark world189 darkened coat281 darkened hair200 evil2969 evil twilight405 female1401367 glowing horn20512 horn77506 jagged horn65 jewelry68149 magic75363 midnight sparkle (sombra)6 part of a series2743 queen midnight crystal7 regalia21121 robe3749 solo1094015 sombra empire236 sombra eyes3610 throne room1144 tumblr:ask midnight crystal17 tyrant sparkle727 unicorn twilight18684


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