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She Is FARGATE!! Sister of Findependance Day.๐Ÿ˜œ
safe1576206 artist:dex stewart271 oc605366 oc:fargate13 earth pony199292 pony846252 aqua teen hunger force208 caption19228 cutie mark40745 emory2 i can't believe it's not aryanne5 i can't believe it's not nazi2 meme78644 mohawk681 oglethorpe2 op is a duck4241 op is trying to start shit2742 op knows exactly what he's doing1 plutonians2 the powerpuff girls796 universal remonster5 wheelchair455


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Background Pony #51AF
let make a redemption ark of her so she can repent and regret her evil ways and say her swasticka is painted marker
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." — Evelyn Beatrice Hall, The Friends of Voltaire

We had a nazi tag, didn't we? Filter it. That's what I do. If you're looking for pictures of nazi ponies, what difference does it make if they're found here? Freedom of speech needs to apply to the entire spectrum. It's the right to express ideas. It's up to the individual to listen, respond or ignore that idea.

Note: In America anyways. German has some strict laws about Nazis so how the website looks from a German IP address may be subject to something different.

Artist -

Well, I wouldn't say "no one" since I'm sure there are Nazi bronies out there (as ironic as that is).
But even with parody, you can't post anything related to politics and expect no political backlash. That's just how politics work.

Yeah, it can get stupid and ridiculous, but so are politics.
Background Pony #1E69
@Dex Stewart
"Don't bring politics into ponies"
"Why can't I post Nazi pony?"

The hypocrisy of this flies over a lot of people's heads apparently.
Background Pony #D761
@Dex Stewart
Even if someone wanted to use her to genuinely promote Nazism,it'd come across as ridiculous.

Would it really, though?
The Nazis were experts at propaganda, including the use of presenting Nazi imagery as "cute" or innocuous.
Example, crap like this:

The actual, in-power, no-nonsense, WWII-causing genocide-committing German Nazis made these images for a reason: they knew they were useful tools to further their cause.
Background Pony #8E25

Pretty sure it already exists — can't remember the number.

@Dex Stewart

On the 3rd planet east of Plutonia, from the poppy, an extraction called Criddacktonite is conceived as a weapon…
Artist -

Yeah, looting stores, assaulting people, calling police to ambush them, torturing people's dogs to death, burning down houses with children inside and preventing firefighters from making it to the scene…

Such swell people…

I don't support Nazis OR BLM, but I do support freedom of expression.
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A Jagged Metal Enchilada
She's not allowed to be posted anymore. As in no new ones.

@Brass Beau
Not sure how to answer. She gets thrown in to alot of joke images and porn, and several "Reich Aesthetic" pieces.

I don't know how you would judge like her as serious or not, she's inherently silly.

Guess it's how you use her.