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@Background Pony #5840
Spike and Rarity already shared VAs in the Serbian (all seasons of the first dub, first two seasons of the second one), Ukrainian (seasons 1-4) and European Portuguese (season 6 and all EqG stuff starting with LoE) versions, so it's not exactly a new thing. However, I'm interested to see what kind of jokes can be done now that it is happening in the original version!
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So I guess in this world, Sparity is Tabitha St. Germain x Tabitha St. Germain. She's following in the footsteps of Ashleigh Ball!
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Cathy is simply the start. Soon all the characters will be replaced with Tabitha's voice, and you'll all see who is the most fabulous voice actor of all: Rarity Tabitha!
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Why Cathy wasn't here? She was involved in My Little Pony Tales, G3, G3.5. What changed?
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@Dex Stewart

I'm not familiar with this recent Power Rangers clipshow but back in season 2 when the three actors walked out, they had voices that sounded nothing like them too when they were in costume. There were times when Trini sounded like someone doing a stereotypical Asian voice.
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Happens all the time in the VA industry unfortunately. Like that infamous Powerpuff Girls 2016 series where all of them, including Tara, were replaced or the Ben 10 reboot that replaced Grandpa Max.

Even the voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog only found out he was replaced when he called Sega to find out when him and the rest of the cast were going to be called in to record their lines for the next Sonic game.
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Someone should ask Cathy Weseluck about this (politely of course, not bug her about about it) and see if we get a response on if she chose to not return or if she was replaced without being told.
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I'm kinda surprised Cathy didn't return. I was betting on Madeleine not returning, since she's pursuing another career. I hope we get to know what happened later!
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Cathy Weseluck right now:

part of me is hoping she was busy with another project and she gave them her blessing to have Tabitha do Spike as opposed to them just recasting Spike without telling her — same shit happened to Michelle Ruff in the Bleach live-action movie dub, she was pissed that she wasn't asked to reprise her roles