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Rough sketch for a request for Nittany Discord

He wants his OC femboy Cold Front subjected to magic makeover into a blushing bride.

Eighth and final rough sketch in this series, with Cold Front fully dressed, gushing and smiling in his dress with his veil on and holding a bouquet. This is probably the most complicated lineart I've worked on in a while. Just a whole mess of construction lines everywhere I had to keep track off. Usually I wait till the end to darken in lines, but I had to darken in a few areas before I finished the drawing here. I'll a shout out to peternators for >>2200703 That pic, which is also of a blushing bride boy, was very helpful in drawing that bouquet of roses Cold Front is holding here. The bridal veil was simple enough, especially since I drew it before here >>2377451

With this one done, all the rough sketches are done. There are some minor details I need to finish off, but other than those I could go head and light box all the final sketches. Then it's off to GIMP for coloring.
safe1587595 artist:supra80404 oc611981 oc:cold front510 anthro233473 pegasus244284 black and white12174 bouquet858 bridal veil34 clothes413855 crossdressing8737 dress39939 femboy8112 flower22497 grayscale36157 male309326 monochrome148196 rose3529 sketch59855 traditional art110560 wedding dress1594 wings78661


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