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dead source34389 safe1971221 artist:azamiii47 cloudchaser4106 flitter3240 pegasus406418 pony1322904 blushing238585 bow38139 bust67109 cute236127 cutechaser104 duo117537 duo female20272 eye clipping through hair10966 eyebrows15329 eyebrows visible through hair7802 eyeshadow22602 female1602862 flitterbetes167 hair bow21473 head tilt1261 lidded eyes38987 looking at you216990 makeup30963 mare618094 portrait37256 siblings15312 simple background501134 sisters13234 smiling331080 smiling at you14117 smirk15835 smug7777 white background130151


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Background Pony #7107
Flitter: Oh look at Rumble he’s so cute!
Cloudchaser: Yep real cute… really really cute.
Flitter: We’re gonna tie him up and snog him aren’t we?
Cloudchaser: I taught you well, sister. We’ll invite Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo too. I’m pretty sure Rumble would enjoy his fillyfriend’s accompaniment at our “sleepover”.