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The three ponies responsible for a large portion of Twilight problems. lol
I was imagining the three of them as fillies forming a group dedicated to pranking the Mane6.  
A mischievous version of the CMC, if you will =w=
As for why the clouds. Just thought it looked good. lol
safe1752618 artist:symbianl389 starlight glimmer49840 sunset shimmer64911 trixie68780 pony1012413 unicorn343141 akanbe52 blushing204963 cape10749 clothes476653 cloud32147 counterparts878 cute205937 daaaaaaaaaaaw4697 diatrixes3222 equestria girls ponified4380 eyelid pull93 female1403708 filly69774 filly starlight glimmer607 filly sunset shimmer189 filly trixie337 frog (hoof)13901 glimmerbetes3913 hoofbutt1353 looking at you175990 magical trio469 open mouth154846 ponified42029 shimmerbetes4489 sky15010 smug6274 the anti twilight sparkle trio brigade2 tongue out108456 trio9793 trixie's cape3933 twilight's counterparts896 underhoof53815 weapons-grade cute3763 younger17782


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Background Pony #7C85
Sunset Shimmer = Chaotic Misschievous. Trixie Lulamoon = Neutral Misschievous. Starlight Glimmer = Lawful Misschievous.
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Terminal Rex

Going Indognito mode..
Starlight was stuck in a childish tantrum her whole life, stunted by childhood memories that would not have held back a mature adult. Changing her hairstyle was a visual representation of her decision to grow up and stop being a Brat that the other two didn’t need.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Funny how Starlight always has her hair different as a filly, while Sunset and Trixie always have it the same way like they do as adults.
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