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Grogar were a grand wizard from a far away place. Ponies of the land that later is get to be known as Equestria welcomed the ram to their community, giving him a place where he can practice his magic. Grogar happily helped the ponies with his powers. Something was off about the ram’s magic, but the ponies didn’t question it. If he helps them and does good with it can’t be evil magic. They even let one of their own, a young filly to become his student.
However, there was more to Grogar intentions, just like there was more to him leaving his homeland. As in, his smile hid an evil scheme. Using the animals of the land to morph them into monsters in his experiments. Originally he wanted to use the animals, but Grogar couldn’t pass on such powerful and interesting creatures like the ponies.
When ponies started to disappear and monster started to terrorize them, is when the others caught on and found out the truth. They wanted banished Grogar, but he didn’t take it. Not so happily, loosing such a great source of a subject, cursed the ponies with his magic, destroying them all. Well all, expect for one. His ex-student, Gusty.
She was the only one powerful enough (and with knowledge of Grogar’s magic) who could survived. Later she managed to out smart the ram and steal the major source of his powers, The Bewitching Bell. And she knew how to use it, all thanks to being Grogar’s student. With it and her own magic Gusty managed to do what her fellow ponies couldn’t, banish Grogar.
However, she could never know that Grogar may able to return one day.

Discord’s Grogar disguise: Not 100%, but considering it been thousands of years and Discord created it from memory it’s pretty close. He may also put his mental image on it, thinking Grogar is an old, weak man. Some his own features came through, such Discord’s eyes and how his own magic look like and works.

Extra infos:
  • Gusty and the ponies were a unicorn race that’s not around anymore. They weren’t part of THE unicorn tribe. In fact they lived houndreds of years before the three tribes found the soon to be Equestria.
  • Grogar the reason why monsters exist. Hence the name Father of all Monsters.
  • Grogar was the Emperor of Ancient Equestria, but only for short bit. Maybe a few months.
  • It’s yet to be known where Grogar came from. He did say he used a portal, and his homeland also had creatures similar to ponies.
  • Why did Grogar take on Gusty as a student? Probably multiple reasons. Hubris, that he can do what he wants under the nose of one of the ponies. So he could analyze them up close. Thinking he could have a pony servent. Or maybe he saw something in Gusty.
safe1787342 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen989 discord32370 grogar1178 sheep1662 abstract background16981 blue background5815 cloven hooves10917 comparison4800 disguise5403 fangs27825 glowing horn21361 headcanon2432 horn84198 male400345 ram707 real grogar29 red eyes6855 simple background423545


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Background Pony #1C5F
“But we didnt want some new guy to be teh final boss”
yeah fuck you hasbro. Why the fuck did you even bring him back if you weren’t going to use him?
“don’t you bronies remember the death threats you gave us? you guys wanted him so we brought him back”
we wanted him as the main villain but you retards seem to think it’s funny to kill off potential villains and ruin Discord’s character development. Also, why the fuck wasn’t Cozy Glow reformed?
“because she didn’t have any backstory or character development”
Really!?! You should have created a backstory and give her development so that she can be reformed instead of just killing her.
MLP writers all had autism
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Background Pony #6012
Actually, when looking at the Bewitching Bell Book, the picture of Grogar seems pretty accurate to Discord’s disguise
Plus Discord can time travel, so I’m pretty sure he would know what Grogar looked like
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Background Pony #3347
Actually, when looking at the Bewitching Bell Book, the picture of Grogar seems pretty accurate to Discord’s disguise  
Plus Discord can time travel, so I’m pretty sure he would know what Grogar looked like
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Artist -

VA Bobby G
Okay! That is awesome! :D It’s too bad we never got the actual Grogar in the series. I know the show writers wanted Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy to be the final villains because they had more connection to the main characters. But guess what? Grogar has more connection to Equestria itself since he is an ancient evil from the past. In fact, Grogar is so much older than Tirek to the point that Tirek is even terrified of him. That is why I think Grogar could have been a fantastic villain and he is very interesting overall! That is why I am still a bit disappointed over the twist that Grogar is Discord all along. But overall, I love the artwork man! Great job! I could actually imagine the real Grogar looking like that! :D
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