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Draw a mobile pony/Draw a pony springing to life

= = =

(Sandbar senses danger and will see it far too late =P)

I made a stunning realization while debating what characters might chase a laser pointer- Gallus is part lion which means he is therefore part cat.

Smolder discovers this the fun way and does the only responsible things a good friend should do (which is to mess around with your other friends, of course. A total no-brainer!)
safe1707091 artist:tigerett20 gallus6737 sandbar5457 smolder7947 dragon56335 earth pony248977 griffon27074 pony968200 atg 2020919 behaving like a cat2183 catbird118 claws5061 cute199890 dragoness8500 evil grin4421 female1363694 gallabetes854 grin38560 high res29581 inset71 laser945 laser pointer152 male372902 newbie artist training grounds6070 pounce294 question mark4528 signature24807 smiling248650 stallion108884 talons1249 this will end in pain1953 this will end in strained friendships1 this will not end well1656 trio9186


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