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safe1879450 artist:digiral119 applejack182208 fluttershy229477 luster dawn1830 pinkie pie231260 rainbow dash251211 rarity196301 spike84561 twilight sparkle322122 alicorn256775 dragon65628 earth pony321462 pegasus364602 pony1225319 unicorn401873 the last problem6774 clothes525536 cowboy hat20122 female1517200 gigachad spike1083 grayscale41894 hat100828 ink wash painting6 male428108 mane seven7097 mane six34195 mare566690 monochrome159036 older31852 older applejack871 older fluttershy842 older mane seven278 older mane six417 older pinkie pie826 older rainbow dash1009 older rarity826 older spike7370 older twilight2342 princess twilight 2.02966 scarf26434 traditional art126531 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133567


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