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MILFs & Cougars Art Pack by MLPFWB

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Standing tall XD
safe1676629 screencap218353 applejack167481 fluttershy209562 pinkie pie213348 rainbow dash230593 rarity179153 twilight sparkle296710 alicorn218733 earth pony237902 pegasus280419 pony939433 unicorn311192 cute-pocalypse meow122 death of a sales-pony64 my little pony: pony life4793 pony life5235 animated97138 dark side117 drinking straw685 female1336665 fluttershy is not amused364 flying37286 giant pony4521 giantess3958 giantshy191 glass4536 growth5540 hooves together410 macro10644 mare466603 micro8812 patting93 pinkie pie's house10 shrunken pupils2998 sitting61420 sound8499 sugarcube corner2228 talking5299 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122129 unamused15752 webm12742 wings101081


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Background Pony #D5C3
Fluttershy didn't drink any potion in the second episode. She just changed size after getting angry.
Background Pony #4B9A
I get the impression that the show will have no explanation for how Fluttershy can change size. She can do this just because she's a cartoon character.

@Dex Stewart
Seeing as how she starts out smaller than everypony else,I'd say this was something magic-related.

If you remember one of the descriptions of the show,
Many start in Sugar Cube Corner where Pinkie makes mysterious potions.
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I get the impression that the show will have no explanation for how Fluttershy can change size. She can do this just because she's a cartoon character.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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this is MLP with social anxiety and clinical depression, TiK ToKing about how #trendy it is to have social anxiety and clinical depression. And a hefty dose of crippling, low-functioning autism.

That said, the actual way the characters move isn't as bad as I thought, and some of the backgrounds are nice to look at.
Background Pony #3363
the more i look at this stuff, the more i'm starting to really like the art style of the backdrops. fim had some amazing ones and it's a very tough act to follow, but so far they've been vibrant and colorful. they remind of ren and stimpy when it was more impressionist than hyper-detailed.

i like the weightiness of the ponies in the air, too. fim was somewhat hit-or-miss here; occasionally, it would look like they were just floating and not counteracting gravity. the hoof and mane jiggles really sell it. this is a concept that is easy to over-animate but i think they hit the balance.

i don't mind the bean mouths as long as the expressions remain unique between characters; mlp:fim was great about this, and so far so good here, but i want to see more. my concern is that something so malleable will have less personality, but let's see before we judge.