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Rarity gets to still wear a hat, AJ can see the theater screen, it's a win for all… sort of :D
safe1678804 screencap218736 applejack167685 fluttershy209799 pinkie pie213564 rainbow dash230912 rarity179328 twilight sparkle296978 alicorn219152 earth pony238570 pegasus281266 pony941304 unicorn311895 hat in the way16 my little pony: stop motion short400 pony life5398 accessory swap1684 animated97228 applejack's hat6833 cowboy hat15205 female1338250 food68356 gif30187 hat84539 light1434 magic71852 magic aura3870 popcorn1494 popcorn box9 rarity is not amused422 shush60 smiling240920 stop motion542 telekinesis27099 theater303 theater seat12 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122254 unamused15786 wings101532


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