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safe1707571 artist:sketchiix338 applejack170015 fluttershy212790 pinkie pie216316 rainbow dash234070 rarity181961 spike78827 twilight sparkle300475 alicorn224676 dragon56375 earth pony249201 pegasus292251 pony968721 unicorn323920 asteroid64 astronaut894 book33505 eyes closed93666 facial hair5876 female1364192 frog (hoof)12976 galaxy620 ink1310 inkwell448 male373126 mane seven6515 mane six31925 mare481218 moustache2908 open mouth146081 paper3219 ponies in space35 quill2690 shooting star968 space5071 space helmet159 spacesuit1128 stars15623 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123727 underhoof52132 winged spike8384 zero gravity113


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Background Pony #DAB5
Don't worry, pegasi clearly have magical reactionless propulsion.
Otherwise they'd have to generate around 500 N of downdraft just to hover in place.
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Spike and Rainbow Dash still sharing the same sense of humor, just as they did when they first met…even if Dash didn't even realize she was meeting anyone other than Twi at the time.
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Rarity giving out free raspberries and Pinkie Pie is using Laharl's Ultimate attack… but on a much smaller and cuter scale.
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Complete fool for pegas
"Why does Spike have a mark… oh…"
Hope Dash knows when force is applied to something in space, it tends to never stop… xD
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