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Yes I did this lol
Edit: Yes it’s a png and not a jpg
safe1755136 artist:squeaky-belle58 lyra heartstrings30131 twilight sparkle306667 bird8832 pony1015074 unicorn344216 aeroplanes and meteor showers131 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x70 airplanes (song)125 bed42471 comic111667 crossing the memes636 crossover63907 crossover shipping3255 crying44944 dream2747 female1405886 high res33183 loss (meme)309 lyra plushie264 lyracai1 male389446 meme83560 mordecai625 mordetwi374 playstation 528 plushie24806 redraw mordetwi meme100 regular show871 sad25148 shipping206169 straight140661 unamused16809


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Squeaky Belle
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@Digital Seapony  
Pretty much this. I should add that some of the redraws over the years made theirs ridiculous as well, or drew them as a reminder of the legendary ms paint art
Also any meme trend is a good opportunity to showcase art
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Digital Seapony
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Princess Book Horse fan
These are often posted on Twitter with the hashtag #redrawmordetwi. At first, the “funny” part was treating this just as seriously as other, more serious trends of redrawing old scenes, like the Sailor Moon redraw, even though the original art they were based on wasn’t particularly high quality.
So the comedy lied less in the drawings themselves (although some were hilarious) and more in the circumstances of their creation. Like with most memes, it’s a kind of inside joke in the making.
By now, we’ve reached the point where straightforward redraws of that old Mordetwi drawing are a bit predictable, so artists take a unique spin on it to keep it fresh, intriguing, and entertaining.
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Are people making more of these because they think it’s funny? Or because they think it will make them popular?
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