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Everyday Life With Guardsmares' Lily Glamerspear exhausted after Anonymous first takes her for a jog outside in the rain.
suggestive142852 artist:neuro654 oc683717 oc only448184 oc:lily glamerspear29 earth pony248181 pony966132 unicorn322619 fanfic:everyday life with guardsmares92 4chan6650 armor23743 blushing197349 clothes459068 everyday life with guardsmares91 female1361678 guardsmare786 mare479836 palace133 pants14502 royal guard7755 sweat26295 yoga pants881


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Yeah, it's true.

^ Equines tire out way faster than a human when running, but conversely, a human will lose in a very long-range distance walk.

^ I guess it means human leg muscles + buttocks have a much higher overall running endurance than the much bigger ass of an equine, which 1 article termed as the gearbox of an equine, where the movement always starts.

^ I recall hearing something about the human body being designed for endurance (I think cuz multiple strong leg muscles, bipedal posture, muscular feet, all of which equines lack), which combined by the way smaller body size must be why we can beat something many times bigger+heavier like equines.
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Yes, hairlessness is a big evolutionary advantage when optimizing for endurance. That property comes up a few times in the story, though this image of the first such time depicts a double-entendre which isn't present in the text.

Given that ponies know how to make clothes, my headcanon is that extreme pony athletes would probably go so far as to shave themselves (fully or partially) if necessary.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Humans actually have higher stamina on average than lots of other mammals. Anthropologists hypothesize that one of the earliest ways cave dwellers hunted game was by chasing them until they got so tired that they couldn't move anymore, then killing them with no resistance.