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Cropped version of this one panel 2
safe1587592 artist:aurelleah96 edit119274 oc611978 oc:arid shadow3 pegasus244283 pony855117 aurelleah is trying to murder us20 aurelleah's fluffy sketchpones12 blushing177840 bow24622 bronybait2811 caption19511 cheek fluff4482 closed mouth63 clothes413852 colored sketch2541 comic102231 cropped44492 cute180585 female916211 floppy ears46844 flower22497 hair bow13505 happy27931 heart43603 looking at something2314 looking at you146109 mare420546 ocbetes4290 open mouth124751 rose3529 simple background349163 sketch59855 smiling218112 solo980954 sweet dreams fuel826 teeth7900 weapons-grade cute3246 white background88322


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Background Pony #0CF1

Your style is making you one of my favorite artists in this wretched fandom of scum and villainy.