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dead source21639 safe1658726 artist:swaetshrit185 berry punch6442 berryshine6443 cheerilee9760 spitfire13145 earth pony231497 fish2380 pegasus273338 pony922854 detailed752 feather5622 featured image846 fire11043 flower24462 frown22255 goggles13712 looking at you160134 skeleton1824 smiling235847 trio8491 triptych21 underwater4928


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@Background Pony #FFFF
I saw it as being almost exclusively about the characters' mental state. Seeing how it deteriorates, their despair, the urge to look for the right thing to do, and the decision to make drastic actions to make things right.

It was a very anchored story that had a lot going for it.
Background Pony #5A3C
Cheerilee’s Garden….. man I hated that one, probably cus I mostly hate any gore fanfictions.
Background Pony #C21A
Let me just help out here with the "meaning" as I still have the commission email chain between myself and Swaetshrit. This email is from 1/26/2012, so almost four years old as of this posting. I gave Swaetshrit a list of horses I'm fond of, and they picked these three to use.

Okay. I've attached a sketch. 3 combined sketches actually. Whether they're
combined like this or separate is up to you really. I decided to do 3
characters — Spitfire, Cheerilee, and Berry Punch. The portraits
respectively representing Sky, Earth, and Sea. Bear in mind that these
are very rough sketches.

This was my concept thought-process:

*-I chose Spitefire for Sky for obvious reasons. She's a pegasus, she's a
wonderbolt, flying is her thing. That one was easy.*
*-Cheerilee is Earth because she has a down-to-earth personality and is an
earth pony, also her cutie mark is flowers, and I like to interpret "earth"
through the presence of plantlife, as it relies so heavily on the earth.
(the checker pattern behind her is a subtle reference to her old 80's past)*
*-Finally, Berry Punch is Sea because going by her fanon personality, she
is a drunk, someone who is "drifting" as if they are submerged underwater
with a tenative grasp on reality. (Plus, pink and blue look nice together.)*

None of these images are related to any fanfic. It's just three of my favorite horses, done up with artistic freedom granted to Swaetshrit.


Sugarcoat's Counterpart
Every time I see that middle pic, I always get instant reminders of that grimdark fic Cheerilee's Garden. I've never read that story, but I've heard how screwed up it is like Sweet Apple Massacre, Cupcakes etc.


I do. It was really good, for the most part. An easy 8/10.

A little bit of grossness in the first part, and unusual out of character changes near the end of the second part stop it from being perfect in my eyes.

But if we're going to be having a flower, then shouldn't it be a daisy? If I remember my flower types, it's daisies that have the yellow middle and white petals. I don't know of any flower that has teal petals.

Sugarcoat's Counterpart
Every time I see that middle pic, I always get instant reminders of that grimdark fic Cheerilee's Garden. I've never read that story, but I've heard how screwed up it is like Sweet Apple Massacre, Cupcakes etc.
Background Pony #1394
Wonderful art, but too generic of a subject to be featured. What's going on here.
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@some pony

I see white, spitfire and fire in the Spitfire part. And most likely there's air in Spitfire's, and Cheerilee's, part.

Maybe it's not quite thought out as Earth/Water/Fire/Air.
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You're fine, no need to apologize, I'm just warning folks. Talking of the story is fine, just details of what's involved should be taken somewhere else, because 3spooky.
Also it's only relevant(if at all, really) to a third of the image.