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After a long series of events and distractions, Twilight and Sunset finally come up with an idea to fix this global mess. But will it work? Or will there be another whoopsie…?
full “Oh hey Twilight! Have you fixed the problem yet?”
full “(Whoopsie! I forgot he was here) Um… Not yet I’m afraid. Still trying to figure out the problem… (Sunset is going to SO hate me for this…)”
Oh Twilight… xD
Well, this has been quite the little adventure ^^ When I first started, I had originally planned the first one to just be a one-shot. But more and more ideas just kept coming ^^ While I would like to try and go further, I decided to wrap things up here.
Maybe I’ll update my previous pages with extra scenes. But until then, I hope you all had a fun read :)
Beginning: >>2075922
1st follow-up (DNP’d!)
2nd follow-up: >>2087382
3rd follow-up: >>2093585
4th follow-up (DNP’d!)
5th follow-up: >>2099727
6th follow-up: >>2100522
7th follow-up: >>2112630
8th follow-up: >>2109073
9th follow-up: >>2116077
10th follow-up: >>2148332
11th follow-up: >>2148333
12th follow-up: >>2247649
13th follow-up: >>2286427
14th follow-up: >>2286433
15th follow-up: >>2335136
16th follow-up (DNP’d!)
You are here ^^
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I Open at the Close
Luna gets told to eat something as she’s looking like a Nightmare and two panels later she looks perfectly normal.
Talk about fast food!
This was quite the hilarious and enjoyable series and i thank you for making it.
Most excellent.
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Well, Twilight, if you want to avoid that outcome, sent EG Flash Sentry back through the portal before Sunset finds out on her own and tears into you badly!
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Dusk Star Shine
Wallet After Summer Sale -

OH, please tell me that this ISN’T the last page, I want to see how H-Flash will react to when he finds out that his world was fixed for awhile and he’s been stuck being Twilight’s personal guard for awhile.
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