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safe1615718 artist:seamaggie69 derpy hooves48645 pegasus257308 pony883499 animated94164 best pony1281 blue sky121 cute186273 daaaaaaaaaaaw3327 dancing7847 derpabetes2275 do the sparkle199 eyes closed84089 featured image814 female1286190 flapping697 frame by frame3853 grass8715 hnnng2323 looking at you152595 mare439506 missing cutie mark4205 no pupils3650 open mouth129877 outdoors8523 raised hoof40732 raised leg7064 seamaggie is trying to murder us6 solo1003734 spread wings49652 sweet dreams fuel869 weapons-grade cute3374 wings87738


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EAW Panzerfuchs
Dance for us, Derpy! Dance! :-)

I love it. Looking at this makes me happy and puts me immediately in a good mood. (^ _ ^)


That actually fits very well together. ;-D