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Applepone condones the burning of bad apples.
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@Hermaeus Xerxes
The police are making the protests into riots deliberately. And if you don't see that, you aren't paying any attention.
Sounds like some people haven't heard of COINTELPRO.

tl;dr COINTELPRO was a program set up by the FBI right around the start of the civil rights era to delegitimize and disrupt political movements by infiltrating and working to create a negative public image for the targeted groups among other nefarious activities.

Of course the American public didn't know of the program's existence until several years after its formation.
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@Background Pony #3A97
This is 100% the issue. Cops will never face consequences under normal circumstances. This is about finding rotten apples, scraping the mold off, and putting it back in with the good. Every precinct has rotten apples. All of them. In every part of America. And none of them are being chucked out even when they are repeat offenders. I hate the idea that we have to protest for every single time this happens. Every time they put a rotten apple back i the barrel with the rest.

Now all we want to do is burn down the orchard. We're tired of getting food poisoning. I think that's reasonable.
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Background Pony #3A97
The issue isn't that all cops are bad, but that the system protects bad cops.

Cops who abuse their authority rarely even stand trial, much less get convicted.

If cops were held to the same standard as the rest of us, these abuses would not happen so often.
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An environment full of pests will turn good apples into bad ones.
After rotten apples, more pests appear.
"You are rotten!" exclaimed the fruits of other orchards.
But why?

Where can we find people who break the vicious circle?
Please go over the history……They've been here before.
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I've always been more a fan of punishing the guilty than just indiscriminately attacking anyone that's part of the group you dislike, personally.

Also worth pointing out is that, if you want to continue the original metaphor: the farmer that burns down her own orchard because of a few bad apples, is the farmer that starves shortly thereafter.
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Background Pony #CEB6
You do realize you could apply the same logic to bad neighborhoods too?
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Background Pony #71EB
Yeah… but burning the rioters would be labelled as racist, Applejack. As for the police, those who prove to be poor officers should have their badges stripped from them.
In an entire area's police force of decent size, you will find a few bad apples, but among those who riot, destroy and steal, you'll find the entire orchard is rotten.

A bad officer = police brutality
A group of rioters = mob brutality
Same thing, basically.
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