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Started working on this 7 hours ago when I read the Derpibooru post even though it doesn't look like it. Censorship vs freedom is a topic I'm extremely passionate about. I openly challenge any Derpibooru mods to a debate on the subject. All of you at once if you think it'd help you. I used sarcasm and vulgar language in my art to be funny, but when part of a real debate or discussion I'm quite serious.

As a platform, you are supposed to remain neutral. By taking action against specific topics you have declared that anything else you allow from here on out is Derpibooru staff approved. That means you will be forced to remove anything and everything that others find offensive to remain consistent. Rest assured you will receive multiple demands for action to be taken attached to accusations of sympathizing with "the enemy." You've no doubt seen the hyperbole already.

You should stay out of it and declare you don't necessarily support anything posted here. The best option is to say you acted hastily, roll back your decision and step away. Declare you're not a publisher, you're simply an art platform, so the views presented aren't necessarily ones you support. If this decision was something "the community" actually supported you wouldn't need to try to justify it.
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So many orphans~Alastor
Those chants come to mind as well as somehow comparing Floyd to Jesus of all people. To put it bluntly these people dont seem to realize that the backlash to the police being defunded and rising crime is going to end their revolution prematurely and with prejudice. More people are coming out against ACAB and BLM for their rioting and reckless endangerment of innocent people. If Trump wins in a landslide come this election that will be a mandate to end this unrest period. The fact that several mayors are borderline advocating treason is telling. Wheeler and the Chicago Mayor comes to mind.
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Rainy Gryphon
@Background Pony #85E8
Does it say I'm talking to you and not some opinion columnist at Vox media? They're a dying brand for a good reason.

Traditional marxism is drawn along class lines and their power dynamics. Cultural marxism is drawn upon cultural lines and their power dynamics. It's a term invented to describe what has been ongoing in our current culture war along left-wing individuals. That's how you get people peddling ideas like black people can't be racist because they don't have power, racism = power + privilege, and almost every single cultural marxist conversation revolving around who needs more power and who has too much power. They ascribe to the idea that a person with power is hardly a person worth considering as human and more like an obstacle to overcome.

Guilty-minded white supremacists. White people who are racist against one or more races and feel white people are superior to them. They project their own racism onto everyone else and claim all white people are racist because they themselves are, and all white people need to pay for perceived crimes from their past. You can commonly see them virtue-signalling online, especially lately. Have you seen the videos of white people washing black people's feet, or sitting around with their hands up chanting repeating a BLM mantra like they're at some Catholic church? What part of that is creating equality between races? It's an attempt to tear themselves down from their perceived pedestal to the level of the poor brown people. To finally pay for their crime of being born white because they just can't help that white people are so much better than everyone else.

Speaking of that mantra, I recall telling one of the mods they were in a cult and he said it's not religious so it's not a cult. I wonder what he thinks of those religious mantras.
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I'm sorry to realize you're immune to common sense and logic (really, the fact that you've refused to address the arguments exposed in those so-called opinion pieces says a lot about yourself).
Also, anyone using the term "cultural marxist" unironically is either peddling or manipulated by right-winger propaganda: another form of mind poison and you obviously picked yours ("guilty-minded white supremacists"? Where does that garbage come from?)
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Rainy Gryphon
@Background Pony #85E8
Kek, you really linking to other people's opinion pieces as a rebuttal? On top of that it's some garbage propaganda media outlets? I'm the wrong person to peddle that trash to. I believe they're a poison designed for the minds of easily manipulated people.

Form your own opinion and then defend your own opinion. People say "all lives matter" because they're not cultural marxists and not racists. That is to say, normal people that don't consider race as an important factor in your value. Race grifters and guilty-minded white supremacists use the term "black lives matter." To some it's an exclusionary term to fight for black power, and to some it's a way to ease that white guilt of "My race is superior to yours. I'm sorry you were unlucky enough to be born black. Allow me to prostrate myself before you because we will never truly be equal."
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@Officer Hotpants
So, as I expected, it's once again cherry-picking the decontextualized statements of a few deplorables to tarry the movement as a whole with the same broad brush. These tactics only dishonor those who employ them (although I admit OTOH that those of the sympathizers who blindly agree are a discredit to the cause and in dire need of education on what anti-racism is about).
Officer Hotpants
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@Background Pony #85E8
They're referring to a few notable supporters and possibly organizers (I've heard rumors of the latter but not seen it, myself) who've said some fairly antisemitic things. Admittedly I've stopped paying attention to BLM at this point so I can't really say that I know how common those sentiments actually are.
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@Background Pony #A869
You realize that the missing word in BLM is "also" and not "only", right? And that those who choose to interpret it that way, whether to support or vilify it, are the real racists?

Also, not only are BLM and ACAB in no way mistakable for synonymous except for simple minds (and, once again, I make no distinction here between the supporters and opponents of both of these notions), but I don't see what the Jews have to do in it at all, so if you're trying to tack something about antisemitism in there, the only blatant thing about it is your attempt to poison the well.
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I don't know about you but I've already undone my Patreon funding of this site.

I'm not going to wait around for someone to tell me the "Right" moment to stop funding censorship-loving mods.
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@Background Pony #00CC
Funny how I see more and more comments of people saying they're about to be deleted, only for those to stay up. Really puts things in perspective, dont'cha think?
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@Background Pony #4829
I mean, you are not wrong but you can expect this comment to be deleted soon anyway. Just like every comment out there about Wootmaster or anything that is questioning anything that goes against "the "truth"".
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Wait one minute!
I just realized something familiar.
Wootmaster, it's black, yes? If so then, please, consider the following.

Wootmaster resist the fandom's calls to calm down and behave itself. Resisting calls to put its hand up…

Gets ridiculed, words are like bullets and arrows they pierce.

Start movement to rid fandom of something that while bad isn't really a problem.

But still makes a big deal about it. Broadcast itself on various websites similar to a certain recent event televised.

Gets attention, loves attention. Has some common sense at first.

Goes completely insane and start tearing fandom apart, very ineffectively, as if we are stable as if we were buildings being set ablaze by low-life trash.

Boosts about action, demands removal of images from Derpibooru, just like looting from stores in a city and tearing down statues… very odd.

Forces Derpibooru to make changes to their rules, like forcing a police department to stand down thus allowing the chaos. Bad chaos, the kind Discord wouldn't even enjoy, to continue.

The moral of this completely disjointed, very oddly typed and unnecessarily mindless admit at a comment is:

Wootmaster, The blm of the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Fandom
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@Background Pony #00CC
If you want to talk current events or site policies, take it to the forums, not the comments of some random image. It's because too many idiots have turned comment sections into cancerous shitfests that they had to be locked down. Sometimes, to treat gangrene, amputation is the only viable method.