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safe1750222 artist:befishproductions349 trixie68729 pony1010311 unicorn342211 alternate hairstyle29073 babysitter trixie531 blushing204599 clothes475907 cute205664 diatrixes3216 eyes closed98040 female1401673 flag4026 gameloft4893 gameloft interpretation337 gay pride flag408 gender headcanon185 heart50023 hoodie14938 lesbian pride flag311 mouth hold18067 on back25035 pigtails4944 pride2059 pride flag1683 pride month495 signature26909 simple background409023 socks68554 striped socks21941 thigh highs38175 trans female826 trans trixie113 transgender2011 transgender pride flag478 twintails1755 white background102465


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Background Pony #8C93
I think that Trixie being transgender (or transmare) is very cool. It fits perfectly with her personality and her mysterious backstory.
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