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Yeah people!!!, I have finally returned from the death, and yes, Milly and Miles are still alive, sorry for being so long without uploading updates, I had so many pending things and things to do that I didn't even have time to go back to the fandom, but I hope I can continue uploading images of my dear ocs: Milly and Miles Scratch, and tell their stories a little bit more, remember that I am not an artist, I only upload the images of the commissions that I request as they are finished and I give the credit to their respective artists, Some drawings that I upload are already a bit old so don't be surprised to see that one day I upload a drawing with poor quality and another day I upload a drawing with excellent quality. I will be very aware reading and responding to people who want to leave me a comment, I also accept advice and suggestions Thank you very much for your attention and for having read this to the end.
questionable111394 artist:jona alexis escalante5 oc695925 oc only455144 oc:milly scratch92 human156444 abs11348 background human6296 bags under eyes2035 barely pony related6207 boxing1132 boxing gloves1029 boxing shorts94 breasts282476 chains5023 clothes466193 commission70279 dark skin4657 determined774 determined look93 exercise694 female1378992 fit459 floor298 foxy boxing362 gritted teeth12487 gym873 humanized100757 humanized oc2373 indoors3228 left handed66 moderate dark skin748 muscles12538 muscular female1872 nipples170654 nudity375078 partial nudity20825 poster5342 punching bag193 red eyes6263 red hair940 serious1191 serious face1102 shorts14215 solo1076353 solo female181216 sports3718 sports shorts1143 story included9200 tomboy1147 topless12678 traditional art118740 training361 wall772 workout780 workout outfit739


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