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Chrysalis vs Starlight

music from Give It Up (Batucuda Refrescante) by The Good Men
safe1575742 edit117698 edited screencap56085 screencap199273 queen chrysalis32321 starlight glimmer43888 changeling40128 changeling queen11867 unicorn266280 the ending of the end2025 animated92020 cold864 duo49400 female899473 fight5772 flying34339 glowing horn16668 horn43341 ice1086 jumping3017 magic65882 mountain4440 music2526 outdoors7552 snow12514 snowfall4185 sound6715 teleport spam4 teleportation584 the good men1 ultimate chrysalis263 webm10050 wind1060 windswept mane2597 wings76081


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