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Combined 2 art memes into 1.

Redid the shading and lighting without fear to see if it would turn out any better or at least more to my liking.

The original version is here.
safe1751157 alternate version49865 artist:chopsticks615 boulder (pet)1312 trixie68756 pony1011174 unicorn342533 alternate hairstyle29085 babysitter trixie531 cheek fluff5934 chest fluff41243 clothes476250 crossing the memes635 cute205768 diatrixes3218 female1402426 gameloft4896 gameloft interpretation337 high res32843 hoodie14945 looking up17148 mare502460 meme83396 pigtails4945 raised hoof48458 sailor moon1502 sailor moon redraw meme74 serena tsukino201 solo1094777 tsukino usagi169 twintails1755


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