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Norah Galaksio

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After seeing these unique promo images up on Derpibooru, I knew I had to draw this.
Sorry if it looks incomplete. I did plan on doing more on it, but some trouble with Adobe illustrate made it impossible to fix. I'm sure there was a way and I just didn't know what I was doing, but I was too exhausted to even continue. Hopefully this still delivers on the laughs.

this is what the refrance:

safe1578765 artist:princebluemoon3333 rainbow dash219768 twilight sparkle283166 oc606769 abyssinian1118 alicorn195884 anthro231128 pegasus240683 pony848223 my little pony: pony life2663 abyssinian oc56 angry24030 anthro oc28362 arm behind head2275 belly24490 big belly8471 chips684 chubby cheeks3109 couch7108 couch potato21 crumbs233 dialogue60720 double chin1425 exercise621 exercise mat2 fat19985 female901862 food61048 high res21510 hoof on belly181 mare416859 missing wing182 on back22475 opinion307 potato chips152 push-ups103 rainblob dash723 remote261 scene interpretation7773 screencap reference291 sitting55191 sweat23042 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115421 unshorn fetlocks22267 weight93 workout660


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