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Made in the same art style I made this previous Wallflower drawing
There's so few fanart of this strange, parallel universe version of Chrissy, So I made this about two months ago, but I'm now publishing it. Hope you like it.
suggestive128328 artist:branewashpv57 queen chrysalis32351 human142361 equestria girls180592 reflections148 spoiler:comic10040 adorasexy8036 big breasts68800 boob window1062 breasts240397 chibi13167 clothes410035 cute178015 cute little fangs1723 cutealis1977 dress39615 equestria girls-ified8537 fangs22224 female901523 glasses55027 green eyes3461 high heels9398 legs6896 looking at you144400 miniskirt4767 moe1293 open mouth123510 pink dress54 pink underwear3769 reversalis234 sexy23888 shoes30445 simple background346502 skirt35740 skirt lift4550 solo974909 stupid sexy chrysalis676 thighs8307 transparent background179988 underwear55344 upskirt5405


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