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Time for some knowledge about our little night prince!

Cassiopeia believes strongly in platonic affection. He hugs and cuddles his friends, makes sure to say “I love you”, and regularly holds their hoof or puts his wing around them. As long as they’re wanting friendly affection, Cassiopeia will give it. With friends like Fall Harvest, who is apart of the deaf community, Cass depends heavily on physically showing love rather than verbally communicating it. With Fall, there's lots of snuggles, nuzzles, and preening. With other buddies such as Blueberry Tonic, Autumn Storm, or Lunule, Cassiopeia is more verbal and quick to praise and coddle his friends. Its very common to see Cass's wing around his pals whenever they're together and it always make strangers wonder if he has a ridiculous amount of lovers.
safe1576416 artist:itstechtock114 oc605461 oc:cassiopeia43 oc:fall harvest5 alicorn195484 bat pony43482 bat pony alicorn1541 pegasus239889 pony846430 unicorn266565 bat wings5931 horn43409 hug25494 nuzzling3749 simple background345960 white background87192 winghug2639 wings76178


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