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Yeah I saw that while trying to figure out what "Towairaitosu-pakuru" was. That hyphen on page 6 is why I didn't realize then that she was just pronouncing her own name with an exaggerated Japanese accent.
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Wait, OC? Sorry Twilight, but I can't be at your side this time. Because you're, well, you're as wrong as who says that 2+2=5. Unless you're talking about what happens in an alternative universe.
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That's him, officer
Leave it to Pinkie to defuse a situation

I'm honestly worried about what Twilight planned on doing with those chopsticks.

Also, self-insert OC confirmed.

A girl as smart as her has her methods…
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Oh, so Twilight is one of those insufferable people who think their OC should be canon and gets mad when nobody else cares. This is the sort of thing that makes me feel 'casual' is not an insult because casual fans still have a life.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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Now watch as Rainbow and Twilight join forces against Pinkie, as the fact that the "movies and stories" have to be taken seriously is the one thing they can agree on.

So Twilight is angry that her husbando is paired up with an in show character instead of her OC, Towairaito Supakuru, who is based on herself.

Every Flash Sentry and Timber Spruce hater knows how she feels.