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Decided to jump on the bandwagon. Hopefully I wasn't too late.

V6 ponies by AeridicCore

Hoodie by Poninnahka (retextured shittily with Trixie's cape)

Scenebuild comprises of models of COD WWII, BFV, Scenebuild Megapack.
safe1575263 artist:psfmer58 trixie62136 pony845541 unicorn266059 3d62625 babysitter trixie325 clothes408973 female899055 gem5391 grass8156 ground80 hoodie12312 looking at you143890 looking up at you116 mare415336 raised hoof39282 raspberry920 rock3934 sitting54971 solo972868 source filmmaker37891 tongue out90498 tree27492


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