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Aww, look how proud she is of her lil' bookshelf XD
safe1577037 screencap199613 twilight sparkle282936 alicorn195583 pony846839 diy with my little pony - carving contest9 my little pony: pony life2540 my little pony: stop motion short371 adorkable3111 animated92072 apple14660 book30686 bookshelf3074 clapping613 cute177770 dork3360 gif27947 happy27679 magic65942 magic aura2963 proud350 safety goggles316 solo974123 stop motion482 telekinesis24744 that pony sure does love books1075 twiabetes10271 twilight being twilight6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115317 wings76311


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Background Pony #3FE3
Cute but now after clicking on the source I'm getting recommended spiderman and elsa type animations and equestria girls clips. 1/10
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