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Best revenge? Squeezing the breath out of your newly-reformed friend!
suggestive128187 artist:neongothic135 sunset shimmer57709 wallflower blush1609 equestria girls180428 equestria girls series28499 bbw3858 belly24370 big belly8424 big breasts68660 breasts240093 busty sunset shimmer4551 busty wallflower blush197 chubby cheeks3103 clothes409652 double chin1422 fat19965 fat boobs499 fat edit178 female900559 freckles25463 impossibly large belly9073 morbidly obese6866 obese10240 slobset shimmer176 ssbbw1453 sweater13178 thighs8275 thunder thighs6489 wallfatter blush3 weight gain3639


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I can picture Sunset as a giant sumo wrestler in a purple top and loincloth with her cutie mark on her top and a black belt with a silver square shaped buckle on her loincloth in that weight.
Background Pony #7D56
I think wallflower would make the perfect couch potato buddy for Sunset! Now I wanna see her even bigger: belly sticking out of sweater, and butt spilling out of her sweatpants.
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Never give up
Sunset is looking good! She's one big, cute, beautiful babe. Her friend Wallflower is quite cute and chubby.

Nice work Neon.
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Aka only Deathsoul
I love this this work I felt your emotions in the expressions, great work as always. Could you tell me how much Wallflower weighs? Please.
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