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!BANG! story:
"Eeeek!!! He-hey! What're you trying to pull here!? That tickles!"

"No need to fret princess! Honey and GG said it was all part of the treatment. Tickle therapy is what I think they called it…"

"Ohoho nohohoho! My hooves are so sensitive! Eeeek! P-please tell me it doesn't go on for much longer…"

"Well, how best to put it…"

>Lilac Luster
>Dandy Brush
>Rose Quarts

>Elizabat Stormfeather

suggestive128265 artist:goomingtoll21 dandy brush15 lilac luster22 princess cadance30482 rose quartz11 oc606228 oc:elizabat stormfeather252 alicorn195719 bat pony43533 bat pony alicorn1543 crystal pony4223 earth pony199856 pony847494 alicorn oc22074 alternate hairstyle24535 bat pony oc14370 bat wings5972 bedroom eyes51632 bipedal30662 bondage30410 brush1682 butt27762 chair5897 erotic tickling866 eyeshadow13095 fangs22200 feather5218 female901125 femdom6769 femsub8767 fetish35041 frog (hoof)10016 grin33061 hairbrush337 hoof fetish2242 hoof hold7354 hoof tickling686 hoof worship122 horn43600 laughing7123 licking18027 makeup17704 mare416499 massage chair8 missing cutie mark3922 monochrome148014 open mouth123415 plot71281 raised hoof39376 raised leg6700 shrunken pupils2463 sketch58956 smiling215533 spa1122 submissive13136 sweat23024 tickle fetish1507 tickle torture2096 tickling4187 tongue out90712 towel3270 underhoof46939 wall of tags2311 wings76471


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