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safe1575737 artist:age3rcm243 earth pony199078 pony845877 undead1360 zombie2076 zombie pony522 animated92019 bring me the horizon293 clothes409168 colored pupils8795 commission52007 fangs22143 gif27925 glasgow smile106 hoofbump1036 lip piercing950 looking away3236 male305539 oliver sykes256 piercing34899 ponified38394 scar10447 shirt21258 signature18902 simple background345746 solo973208 stallion92704 stitches738 tattoo4592 torn ear633 underhoof46819 white background87134


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i admit that i choked on my tendie when i saw that someone posted my art

they feel just enough as you feel touching (and clipping) fingernails
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A Clever Message
Oooh, nice animation. He sure seems tsun tsun about this, though. Can't decide if he wants to let you know he cares, hm?

Must hurt to have a tattoo down there, though. Or does he even feel it?
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