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happy birthday myoozik!!! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

is a big surprise for you, a rocky road cake with gems :D
safe1578210 artist:wheatley r.h.132 derpibooru exclusive24371 oc606479 oc only410439 oc:myoozik the dragon39 oc:twi clown25 oc:w. rhinestone eyes67 changeling40254 dragon48326 unicorn267261 banners4 bat wings5978 bipedal30680 birthday cake757 blue changeling1509 bowtie8609 cake8900 changeling oc6524 clothes410043 clown makeup115 clown nose270 confetti1718 cutie mark40835 cutie mark on clothes962 dragon oc688 eyes closed80447 female901540 food61026 gem5403 glasses55027 hair1306 happy27700 happy birthday1066 hat76772 honeypot changeling18 horn43274 male306302 mane1478 mare416725 sharp teeth3230 shirt21308 spread arms112 spread wings47954 table8215 tablecloth85 teeth7824 top hat3749 unicorn oc4459 vector71325 watermark14562 wings76564


not provided yet


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