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Originally posted on: May 18, 2020
Took some more small requests for this art challenge via Twitter! 🎵

→ Hoppopotamus from “The Wuzzles”.

Requested by my boyfriend!

→ Tiny Bulldog from “Tom and Jerry”.

Requested by @JoseMen69210793.

→ Scootaloo from “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

Requested by @Deadparrot222.

→ Goodra from “Pokemon”.

Requested by @Alphonse118.

→ Penny Ling from “Littlest Pet Shop”.

Requested by @Springaurora207.

→ Mametchi from “Tomagatchi”.

I know SOMEONE requested this one, but their post is gone! But here it is!
safe1578221 artist:esmeia171 scootaloo49227 anthro231042 dog8602 goodra54 pegasus240567 pony847889 six fanarts857 anthro with ponies2269 blush sticker2147 blushing176243 bone2573 bulldog6 bust40925 colored hooves4822 crossover57209 drool22506 eyes closed80447 female901551 filly59673 heart43251 hoppopotamus2 littlest pet shop684 mametchi3 mouth hold15507 one eye closed25294 penny ling80 pokémon8502 smiling215714 tamagotchi31 the wuzzles3 tom and jerry116 wink21653


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