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safe1578138 screencap199873 applejack159032 blueberry cake692 bulk biceps3220 captain planet648 crimson napalm258 curly winds588 derpy hooves48290 dj pon-328142 drama letter723 fluttershy198135 heath burns400 lyra heartstrings28016 microchips1238 mystery mint871 nolan north441 normal norman861 octavia melody22522 paisley719 pinkie pie203509 rainbow dash219702 rarity169942 rose heart595 sandalwood1011 sci-twi22130 scott green403 scribble dee488 some blue guy561 sophisticata387 starlight630 sunset shimmer57757 sweet leaf504 teddy t. touchdown304 thunderbass689 trixie62262 twilight sparkle283089 valhallen503 velvet sky458 vinyl scratch32238 wallflower blush1613 watermelody897 wiz kid619 equestria girls180583 equestria girls series28517 forgotten friendship4650 animated92117 background human6102 backpack1730 bahasa indonesia15 canterlot high2418 clothes410013 computer5598 drone326 dubbing128 female901460 geode of empathy2443 geode of fauna1303 geode of shielding1655 geode of sugar bombs1479 geode of super speed1737 geode of super strength1542 geode of telekinesis2372 humane five2813 humane seven2139 humane six2697 indonesian65 invisible (song)21 magical geodes6644 male306276 rtv4 skirt35739 sound6731 webm10092 youtube link4584


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #4BBC

Dazzlings, Gloriosa Daisy, PostCrush ,(And Maybem Vignette), Are Better EQG Villian Than Walflower Blush And Jupiter
Duck - lmao I purposefully quack
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

oof always slightly bothersome when a large clip is uploaded and the thing you have watched only appears for about a single frame.
Background Pony #4BBC
wallflower blush is Good Villian In Forgotten Friendship With Understand Reason And Better Than Jupiter And Vignette
Background Pony #D3D2
I thought this show wasn't 4:3 safe, seems odd they would show it pan and scanned.