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Originally posted on: April 10 2020
A little backstory on glider. Glider Moonheart was born in the crystal empire around a year and a half after Flurry Heart was born. She currently resides there. both her parents, mother a unicorn and father a Pegasus, are crystal ponies working as jewellery makers for ponies in the empire (where do you think they all got their sparkly accessories from😌) ever since she was a little filly she had always loved flying. When the weather was sunny and snow wasn’t in a blizzard, she would sneak out of the empires boarders into the snowy lands outside the empire, find the highest cliff she could, and jump off of it like there was no tomorrow. she would always feel that cool breeze in their face as she would glide down, and just as she was about to hit the bottom she would spread her wings and glide along the snowy surface. She always felt so free as she was falling. That was the only time she could ever properly fly. it wasn’t a very tall cliff but was just right for her. Though something was still missing. When she couldn’t sneak out, she would fly in the empire, though that became a bit of a problem because of all the ponies everywhere. She hated the feeling of everyone staring at her below and everyone bumping into her in the sky. Her parents would always tell her to come down and not fly to high. She hated that the most. It was always so confined and she didn’t feel free anymore. 👇👇👇 CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS • Check out my main art account @incedius_ 💕✨ • • #MLP #Mlpfanart #mlpoc #mlpluna #mlpmanip #mlpedit #mylittlepony #mylittleponycharacter #mylittleponyoc #mylittleponyocs #princesstwilightsparkle #princessluna #mlptwilightsparkle #mlpunicorn #mlpunicornoc #mlppegasus #mlppegasusoc #mlpedits #mlpart #mlpartwork #mlpfim #mlpdrawing #mlpfandom #mlpartist #mlpcollector #mlpcollection

One night she thought, if she can’t fly during the day, why not try the night. She had always felt so awake at night, the dark sky was always so peaceful and mesmerising as she always gazed at it out of her window. She snuck out after her parents fell asleep and flew to her hearts content. Nobody was there to bump into her or watch her. It was freedom, peaceful and perfect. It was only when she landed on a cloud to observe her beautiful home below her as the moonlight hit the crystals of the castle and houses just right, it looked like they were all glowing, that she discovered her cutie mark. A crystal heart in the shades of the night sky symbolising her love for the night and her home, and a pair of wings in the same night sky shades symbolising her passion and love for flying💕
safe1576782 artist:aluramoon_22 oc605715 oc only410090 oc:glider moonheart5 crystal pony4222 pegasus239976 pony846674 bow24264 colored hooves4800 crystal pony oc60 female900296 flying34360 hair bow13293 mare416072 night22744 pegasus oc4984 show accurate11001 solo973923 stars13442 wings76250


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