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Short hiatus.
safe1575821 artist:dsana514 fizzlepop berrytwist8615 tempest shadow15377 oc605160 oc:lullaby dusk95 oc:thistledown88 earth pony199148 pegasus239725 pony845982 unicorn266305 comic:a storm's lullaby119 blushing175928 bruised1445 comic101482 female899566 filly59544 mama tempest10 mare415632 onomatopoeia3270 sleeping21733 sound effects1606 text51106 zzz2227


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Background Pony #45B5
anybody else notice that Tempest has been completely naked for the last few pages? because from this series, she only took it off for a swim. why is that?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Dawww, the cutenes levels are off the charts!

This was just pure family wholesomeness <3

I like how Thistle keeps the ponytail, since Tempest said it looked cute on her =)
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We seem to keep getting red flags at half mast that Lula isn't going to live. I really think they should start heading back to civilization to see a doctor before she can't even travel anymore.
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