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We’re gonna be doing a series that shows each family and their interactions. This is Applejack and Coloratura and their kids Goldie Delicious (Left) and Lovely Apple (right). When Coloratura and Applejack reunited, AJ took the guitar back up and they started hanging out a lot more. Those few moments they had together were never enough, especially with Coloratura still in the limelight, so she stepped away from the stage for a while and started a family with AJ like she wanted.
safe1573435 artist:vennyredmoon41 applejack158656 coloratura2684 oc603828 oc:goldie delicious1 oc:lovely apple3 earth pony198278 pony844231 alternate hairstyle24411 blanket4691 braid4825 family4009 female897504 foal14877 guitar4352 lesbian92120 lullaby59 magical lesbian spawn10696 mare414682 mother and child973 music2524 musical instrument6911 offspring34312 parent:applejack3259 parent:coloratura358 parents:rarajack178 rarajack203 shipping183735 singing5810 sleeping21710 snuggling6466


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