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suggestive128387 artist:azerta56245 derpibooru exclusive24379 oc606937 oc only410620 oc:cuteamena126 oc:dusk arcus10 oc:electric blue111 oc:seraphine night91 oc:soft melody40 choker9313 comic101737 drool22510 drool string5101 endosoma597 esophagus241 female902131 goth1766 gullet237 inside stomach104 looking at you144497 mawshot1308 micro8516 non-fatal vore228 offscreen character29572 onomatopoeia3292 open mouth123614 oral invitation144 pov14875 salivating984 slimy241 sound effects1624 stomach715 stomach walls77 swallowing1809 taste buds145 uvula1607 vore13801


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A Cute Pone
Onomatopedias are there to emphasize the sound effects in pictures or comics. You saying you just want images with preds just letting preys slide down the throat?

Also, I think the tongue looks human like there. Just different colors.