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ive abandoned my boy

i love summer too much not to talk about him sorry

tw homophobic and transphobic aggression. also trace amounts of blood in the image itself, but i didnt add a content warning because it isnt much

When Summer was in his teens, and his music career was just beginning, he started to experiment with his gender expression, fashion, and make up. And, with his first invitation to an esteemed Canterlot event (not as the son of a princess, but finally for his own musical talent!) — what better time to show his style off to the public?

but uhm. uh oh.
Summer is pretty sheltered — His mothers are incredibly supportive of him and his interests, and in his naivety he thought that these canterlot elites would see nothing wrong with a stallion in a dress, and the night would be full of dancing and partying and all these elites complimenting his wonderful sense of style… but obviously not.
The elites didnt take too kindly to his display, and hushed whispers spread over the room as soon as he entered. Very few ponies wanted to talk to him, and those that did, had less than pleasant things to say.

Summer tried to put on a brave face, tried to show he was above all of this — but he just wasn't ready for it. Trying not to let anyone see him cry, he quietly removed himself from the building, and headed back to his hotel in the dark, tail between his legs.

It was on this walk home that things only got worse. A group of ponies had noticed him at the party, and followed him when he left. They cornered him, just a block away from his hotel, and… well you can see what happened. They left him on the floor in the streets, black eyed and bloody nosed.


After this incident, Summer rejected everything feminine. He threw all of his make up out, his dresses out, and instead chose to remain closed off and timid. He even refused to perform. This didn't go unnoticed by Twilight (who even found his make up thrown in the bin).
Obviously concerned, she goes to speak to him about it — and he spills everything in a pile of tears.

Twilight hates it. She really really hates it. She feels she really should have warned him, especially with her own past. She should have been there to protect him.

Changing the way these ponies think can't happen over night, as much as Twilight wished she could make it so — but there was no way she would let her own son give up on something he loved.

She insisted that they try again, and this time, she goes with him. She insisted he do her make up, and that they wear matching feather boas and pearl earrings, and show Canterlot what for. They certainly received a lot of dirty looks and scathing comments, but who's going to mess with a literal demi god?

also yes, they filed a police report against the group that attacked summer, and twilight made sure it went through and they faced the consequences.


i hoped this is like. okay. not okay that it happened but- oh you know what i mean. its a real thing that happens to real people, and though ive spoken about it before this piece in particular feels kind of dark and brutal, and i want to be careful in the message i send across around it.

its an important turning point in summer — the realisation that the world isnt perfect, and that there are really people out there that will hurt him. He then has to learn to thrive in spite of that, and though Twilight helps start that off, it takes a long time before he fully accepts himself again and really becomes the peak pony he knows he can be.
safe1574867 artist:uunicornicc214 twilight sparkle282619 oc604521 oc:summer ballad6 alicorn195165 pegasus239376 pony845207 blood22577 clothes408797 colored wings5017 crossdressing8649 dress39522 lipstick9553 magic65830 magical lesbian spawn10725 male305294 multicolored wings2177 nosebleed2164 offspring34368 parent:rainbow dash5007 parent:twilight sparkle7316 parents:twidash672 simple background345388 stallion92604 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115163 white background87052 wings75876


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