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safe1575251 artist:pony-berserker626 gallus5807 marble pie6111 maud pie11858 princess luna93983 silverstream5270 starlight glimmer43864 tom863 twilight sparkle282673 oc604772 oc:double whopper2 alicorn195244 classical hippogriff4452 earth pony198893 griffon24875 hippogriff8303 pony845532 unicorn266050 alicornified4536 blushing175819 book30639 comic101456 crown13964 cute177325 diastreamies1018 duo49356 everyone is a princess3 everyone is an alicorn155 eyes closed80173 female899034 gallabetes601 glowing horn16658 horn43265 hug25466 implied gallstream46 jewelry50899 joke1117 looney tunes401 magic65856 male305395 mare415328 pony-berserker's twitter sketches89 princess tom3 pun7222 reference3785 regalia16291 speech bubble20548 stallion92640 stippling54 telekinesis24706 that pony sure does love books1074 tweety bird17 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115184 wat18631 weird flex but okay4 what has magic done530 what has science done1587 wings75974


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