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safe1750564 alternate version49808 artist:28gooddays484 adagio dazzle13261 oc711990 oc:sonic lullaby4 bat pony52178 bird8775 fish2696 pony1010600 seagull204 siren2175 bat pony oc18861 bat wings10043 bedroom eyes61373 boat1387 canon x oc26138 clothes476009 cloud32087 commission73072 female1401914 fishing408 fishing boat7 fishing net21 flower26707 flower in mouth695 hat90362 lesbian99274 looking at each other21448 mare502205 mouth hold18074 net333 ocean7264 rope11853 rose4011 rose in mouth254 sailor178 shipping205664 sky14971 sonicdazzle2 tanktop8070 water14253 wet8414 wings123123 ych result22927


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Background Pony #629A
So… does she want to sleep with him or would she rather suck him dry? Romantic involvement or source of sustenance to drain empty?
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