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Title: (AU EQG) Teenage Cadance

Set in an alternate universe where human Cadance went to Canterlot High School, where she later became principal, here she is in her days of a student. The brightest and most popular girl of her class, and certainly was treated like royalty. She dated Shining Armor who also attended here and later became the school's all-sports coach. The two got married after high school and currently their daughter Flurry Heart attends Canterlot High as a freshman. Here she wears a blue, yellow-buttoned shirt with a green skirt with her "cutie mark", wears a hair-bow on her head, her hair is a pony-tail and she wears star sneakers since she's most likely athletic as well. She's beautiful, smart, friendly, helpful and is what every student wants to have as a friend. Maybe not everyone but she's sort of like her future sister-in-law (AU) Twilight Sparkle who also attends at Canterlot High and is in her graduating class.

Vector credit: punzil504

I do not own any character they belong to Hasbro. Made only for fun. Please don't leave any hate comments because it's disrespecting one's work. Cadance looks so cute as a young Equestria Girl.
safe1575741 artist:punzil504419 derpibooru exclusive24374 edit117698 vector edit2236 princess cadance30461 equestria girls180239 alternate universe9275 bow24235 clothes409168 converse5029 crossed arms4201 cute177412 cutedance1053 dean cadance1014 equestria girls-ified8508 female899472 hair bow13279 legs6864 open mouth123154 ponytail15618 shoes30334 simple background345752 skirt35658 smiling215017 sneakers4676 solo973210 teen princess cadance782 transparent background179695 vector71224


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