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It all comes down to this when the mane 6 decide to try and find out WHO is the real Iron Pony!
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suggestive153906 artist:blueblaze95228 fluttershy222657 pinkie pie224946 earth pony289968 pony1147137 belly31004 big belly13067 choker14184 dialogue71005 digestion2975 ear piercing29995 earring23604 fatal108 female1453495 flutterpred701 gothic pinkie88 implied applejack754 implied death2786 implied rainbow dash1129 implied rarity1171 implied twilight sparkle2007 jewelry74411 mare529387 piercing45843 pinkie pred608 pinkie punk3 preydash757 preyjack373 preylight880 rariprey556 spiked choker1898 sweat29091 sweatdrop3653 vore15435 vulgar21814


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Pretty sure Pinkie already has. Fluttershy hasn’t even digested 1 pony in the time Pinkie was done with both of hers.