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Right before the show starts. Starlight and Trixie has to do some rehearsals. So Starlight will be volunteering and helping out Trixie's magic show. She is the role of being that bunny to be in the hat and getting pull out later. During the rehearsal, Trixie had a funny thought as Starlight is getting stuck in the hat. The hat is big enough for her to get in and stuff but Trixie decided to shrink it because why? It's amusing to see her getting into the hat because of her butt as you can see already.

That also explains why Starlight isn't amused in the last picture:
suggestive128328 artist:newyorkx31246 starlight glimmer43987 trixie62267 anthro231038 ass42219 bowtie8609 breasts240397 bunny ears3267 bunny suit2191 butt27831 clothes410035 cuffs (clothes)1064 dialogue60710 dock44089 female901523 females only11051 glimmer glutes876 hat76771 leotard4151 magic show229 magic trick634 mare416713 stuck2295 top hat3749 traditional art109483


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