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From today's stream. It's been a while since I drew so many ponies. I think Pinkie in the dragon head is my favorite part.

PS can't believe I didn't draw AJ!
semi-grimdark28048 artist:kabukihomewood74 derpy hooves48291 fluttershy198146 pinkie pie203519 rainbow dash219715 rarity169949 scootaloo49227 trixie62268 twilight sparkle283099 oc606475 oc:kabuki2 earth pony200003 pegasus240561 pony847867 rabbit4465 unicorn267255 animal3378 annoyed5071 annoying65 apple14663 apple tree2724 blushing176240 breath1174 bunny out of the hat116 cape9039 chopsticks in hair57 clothes410040 defibrillator31 dialogue60710 dragon costume220 eyes closed80441 female901529 floppy ears46703 frown21694 geisha49 grayscale36262 gun14612 hat76771 hyperventilating139 imminent suicide110 kimono (clothing)1053 levitation10577 magic66014 magic trick634 mare416718 monochrome148037 noogie268 on back22469 open mouth123511 paper bag827 scared9369 sitting55164 sketch58968 sketch dump3006 smiling215708 telekinesis24771 thought bubble3004 top hat3749 tree27575 trix rabbit6 trixie's cape3360 twitching193 unconscious442 weapon27270


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