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safe1574464 artist:blacksky111352 oc604338 oc only409454 oc:angsty emocore10 oc:clausa vera10 oc:misanthropy melody10 oc:myringa11 oc:soprano shadow10 human141960 annoyed5048 bedroom eyes51422 belly button67444 belt4601 boob window1056 boots19150 choker9236 clothes408643 coat2503 commission51876 converse5026 dark skin3918 dress39512 eyeshadow13030 female898328 fishnets4581 fur coat109 gloves17188 grin32912 group2866 half-siblings596 heart43139 hoodie12298 humanized94025 humanized oc2297 jeans3319 lip piercing950 lipstick9550 makeup17614 midriff18208 multicolored hair4153 nail polish6780 nose piercing2272 not cadance26 not celestia96 not flurry heart12 not luna145 not twilight sparkle242 pants12228 piercing34838 shirt21211 shoes30269 shorts12161 siblings5992 simple background345249 sisters7240 skirt35608 smiling214699 snake bites177 sneakers4672 socks56714 spiked choker1219 spiked wristband1058 stockings28611 t-shirt3597 tattoo4581 thigh highs28321 torn clothes4304 transparent background179436 unamused13711 vitiligo67 wall of tags2310 wristband3056


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #989F
I thought the same thing. Just make it more asymmetrical. The only reasoning I can think is that it looks someone they know either when the picture was drawn or from a photo of them they have.

you know,if you are going to create a character with vitiligo maybe dont make it look like she ate a lot of chocolate cake…
Background Pony #39AD
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