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Would you believe me if I say that Velvet's meal covers 95% of the bill? She would then rant on how the others are eating too much.
safe1749201 artist:redahfuhrerking215 arizona (tfh)1198 oleander (tfh)1204 paprika (tfh)980 pom (tfh)719 tianhuo (tfh)641 velvet (tfh)1398 alpaca1039 cow3448 deer6056 dracony6958 dragon58664 hybrid20513 lamb534 longma651 reindeer2074 sheep1594 unicorn341820 them's fightin' herds4780 apple16725 bandana5505 bell4592 bill92 burger1945 carrot2154 cheese pizza57 cloven hooves10594 collar34499 comic111420 community related4371 cookie3783 curved horn7171 derp6915 descriptive noise1461 disgusted1242 dog food29 eating9942 egg (food)162 energy drink273 female1400775 food72886 gradient background13374 grapes469 hay burger641 herbivore1216 horn77367 majestic as fuck1303 manners22 medicine205 messy eating1232 mlem911 nom3098 omnivore33 pie3365 pineapple441 pizza2008 red bull141 sandwich2039 silly7543 soda1627 sparkles4796 tongue out108130 uncouth49 velvet is not amused40


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Background Pony #7A42
At least Oleander is wearing a bib, using her hooves, and taking her time.
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Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Umbreon Likes Night
Oh…. Velvet…. I have your favorite food chessy mayo fried wedges and fries……..
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