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Originally posted on: December 28, 2015
A DTA!! Woo I love her style and design so I had to enter. _

Name: Viridi Rossetta
<Plant Name: Snaggle Rossetta
Age: 16
Gender Mare
Birthday: Feb, 03
*Viridi Rossetta is a free spirit who loves to roam the woods and fields on her own, they never stay in one place as they love to travel.
*She spends most of there time collecting flowers and looking for water fall springs to relax/sleep near.
*She loves to create beautiful models out of flowers and other natural items she finds, with the help of Snaggle of cause, they do this allot and even make little homes to stay in for a while, before they pick-up and move on to a new spot.
Plants + flowers, water, being outdoors, the colour green, fruit, daylight and being around friends and family.
Anyone who destroys nature, fire and the darkness.

First image no shading — sta.sh/0232i5ejp82y

DTA image link — https://wendlgo.deviantart.com/art/Plant-Pony-DTA-Open-577672527
Species belongs to Ad-opt + WENDlGO
safe1574240 artist:pandamak1 oc604227 oc only409400 monster pony3420 original species23051 piranha plant pony805 plant pony1058 augmented tail1941 colored hooves4776 ear fluff23289 ear piercing21597 flower22099 grin32906 jewelry50814 necklace15219 open mouth122926 pearl necklace1000 piercing34825 plant2256 rose3484 sharp teeth3207 simple background345197 smiling214658 teeth7787 tongue out90393 transparent background179405


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